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WSE InfoSpace

About us

business profile

The main activity of the company Progress Holding Sp. z oo financial consulting, Preparing the company to obtain financing ii debut on the main market and NewConnect WSE. The process of raising money for the company from an investor, in order to introduce the product / service to market requires hard work and dedication. As part of our activities: advise on the preparation of documentation investor and the investor presentation, we provide access to investors in the meeting presentation. Sami participate in the financing of projects at the stage of selling a product or services, companies with strong growth potential and access to the growing market (preferably international).

Our company provides services running accounting, accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The company also provides services establishing companies, obtaining financing business development through loans or stock market. Mainly introducing the company to the ASO NewConnect WSE. We support foreigners residing in Poland, helping to run a business in Poland and advise Polish entities in the conduct of business in Ukraine and Vietnam, prepare customer reports and industry analysis for market Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

What makes us diffrent?

What makes us diffrent?

With a team of international employees, we have good contacts in the Ukraine, Vietnam and Russia. Holding employees worked at Progress new companies in these countries . Apart from Polish companies, we support companies whose owners or members of management are foreigners from Eastern Europe and South - East Asia. For these companies we extended range of service allows peers to compete with Polish companies.

Ukrainian companies ,, ,,

On the Polish market functioning 2 group of Ukrainian companies; companies listed on the WSE in this part of them bought a Polish company and Ukrainian non-public companies, which have opened their own businesses or acquired the operating company.

The first group of Ukrainian companies consists of 13 entities (as of 10.04.2014). The list of entities is shown below:




Launch date


Capitalization (PLN m)



2 470.19

+81 3-3946-1717

Przemysł spożywczy



1 101.50

+81 3-3946-1717

Przemysł spożywczy




+81 3-3946-1717

Przemysł spożywczy




+81 3-3946-1717

Przemysł spożywczy




+81 3-3946-1717

Przemysł spożywczy




+81 3-3946-1717

Other services




+81 3-3946-1717

Przemysł spożywczy




+81 3-3946-1717

raw material industry




+81 3-3946-1717

raw material industry




+81 3-3946-1717

Przemysł spożywczy




+81 3-3946-1717

electromechanical industry




+81 3-3946-1717

Other Services




+81 3-3946-1717

Other Services

Z / in only one Ukrainian company Milkiland BV has bought Polish firm Ostrow Sp zo o.

The second group of Ukrainian companies, which are not public companies has acquired a number of Polish companies., Including SA Gdansk Shipyard, ISD Huta Czestochowa Sp. z oo, Helios bulbs Factory Sp. z oo, FSO SA, TB Dwikozy Fruit Sp. z oo

Ukrainian companies, which are owners of Polish companies belong to the group of large enterprises.

In turn, Ukraine is about. 1000 companies with Polish owners representing individuals, small and large companies. Ukrainian companies belonging to the Polish owners operate in all industries.

The direction of increasing mutual investment will deepen. Recent events in Ukraine only temporarily halt investment decisions.

Ukraine, Vietnam and Russia are key markets where they come from our customers.


Entrance to the Ukrainian market:

Progress Holding advised The first company from Ukraine Which debuted on NewConnect. We participated in the project to transfer the company from Ukraine to NewConnect to the main market.

Our team has many years of experience working in several countries in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

What is our message?

Progress Holding is to customers as financial advisor. Our message is to bring together the cultures of business by entrepreneurs from Europe and the East, with a particular focus Ukraine, Vietnam and Russia. Mutual understanding, effective advice on raising capital for business development, in order to increase income customers solve problems related to accounting.


Progress Holding Sp z oo was established in the year 2004.

With the development, the company has created a department accounting services and financial advice.

2007 - The company carries out various investment projects in Poland and projects the appointment of Polish businesses abroad.

2008 - The company projects for the training of Ukrainian companies in the field of the Polish capital market, establishment of companies in the Ukraine and Vietnam

2008- The company was registered by the Stock Exchange on the list of Authorized Advisors

2010 - The company signed a contract for the provision of services Authorized Advisor for Agroliga Group PLC. In September, Progress Holding becoming a Financial Advisor Agroleague Grioup PLC

2010 company in November signed an agreement for the provision of services Authorized Advisor for Lutsk Foods SA

2011 - 11 February Agroliga Group PLC debut on NewConnect

2011 - 16 May signed an agreement to acquire a strategic investor for Viva LLC

2011 - signed a service contract Authorized Advisor for Cereal Planet

2012 - Company ceased to act as an Authorized Adviser

2013- Company participated in the private placement for the preparation Cereal Planet

2013 - The company has signed a service contract for the Financial Advisor Agroliga Group PLC in connection with plans to move to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange


Bogdan Adamowicz - Chairman of the Board, a longtime employee of the banking sector in Poland and Ukraine. Managed projects raise cash for the bank (Assset swaps, issue Medium Term Notes, private placements). He advised on project acquisitions Nestle Ukraine. He participated in the purchase of Ukrainian bank. He assumed financial firms in Ukraine.


nga Maryniuk - Member of the Management Board, an expert in the creation of business entities. Directs the preparation of sectoral analyzes projects for foreign companies interested in investing in Poland.


Junior analyst.


  • knowledge of the capital market
  • knowledge of the enterprise market
  • the base of the analysis of the balance sheet and income statement
  • fluent Russian

We prefer people in recent years, economic studies

Progress Holding Sp zoo is looking for cooperation accountant.

IAS with knowledge and experience in audit
Terms of cooperation to discuss individual

Please send your CV electronically


Monthly internships for students from the second year of studies in economics or management:

  • The practice includes gaining experience in establishing and running micro-enterprises
  • Preparation of sector and industry analysis
  • Errands in the US and Social Security

Please send your CV electronically

KP Dragon Index

# Company Code Sector shares Outstanding Loc. FX price Market capitalization Weight free float free float
Weight (%)
City ($) (Local m) ($ M) (%) ($ M)
1 Astarta Holding AST PW Food & Agriculture (Sugar) 25,000,000 PLN 454.0 17.83 1,612 445.6 6.68% 36.21% 161.4 7.43%
2 Centrenergo CEEN Utilities (Electricity Generation) 369,407,108 UAH 11.02 0.43 4,070 159.8 2.39% 21.70% 34.68 1.60%
3 DUPD DUPD LN Construction & Real Estate (Development) 109,361,515 GBP 5.34 0.21 17.77 22.94 0.34% 53.10% 12.18 0.56%
4 Ferrexpo FXPO LN Metals & Mining (Iron Ore) 588,624,142 GBP 91.63 3.60 1,640 2,118 31.73% 25.90% 548.4 25.25%
5 Industrial Milk Company IMC PM Food & Agriculture (Crop growing) 31,300,000 PLN 71.95 2.82 319.9 88.42 1.32% 31.30% 27.67 1.27%
6 JKX Oil & Gas JKX LN Oil & Gas 171,723,145 GBP 4.44 0.17 23.18 29.92 0.45% 22.35% 6.69 0.31%
7 kernel Holding KER PW Food & Agriculture (sunflower oil) 81,941,230 PLN 434.4 17.06 5,057 1,398 20.94% 61.87% 864.7 39.80%
8 MHP MHPC LI Food & Agriculture (Poultry) 106,781,794 USD 263.6 10.35 1,105 1,105 16.56% 36.60% 404.5 18.62%
9 Motor Sich MSICH Manufacturing (Aircraft engines) 2,077,990 UAH 2,526 99.18 5,249 206.1 3.09% 19.06% 39.28 1.81%
10 Ovostar Union OVO PW Food & Agriculture (Eggs) 6,000,000 PLN 753.3 29.58 642.0 177.5 2.66% 31.80% 56.43 2.60%
11 Raiffeisen Bank Aval Bavla Financials (Banking) 61,495,162,580 UAH 0.27 0.01 16,757 657.9 9.86% 1.70% 11.18 0.51%
12 Ukrnafta UNAF Oil & Gas 54,228,510 UAH 124.5 4.89 6,751 265.1 3.97% 2.00% 5.30 0.24%
  Total or Average             6,674 100% 32.55% 2,172 100%


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