10 most popular job offers in Poland

Year by year, the Polish labor market is becoming more and more popular among Europeans from Eastern Europe. And for good reason. Many Poles consider salaries in Poland to be very low, which is why they are in a hurry to find a job in countries such as England, Germany or France. For the economy to develop, Poland needs workers from other countries. As a result, quite favorable conditions are created for migrant workers. The labor market is developing, employers interested in recruiting good specialists offer not only higher salaries, but also other more favorable benefits and conditions. But to work in Poland, each employee will have to obtain a work permit or a Polish work visa.
After analyzing the labor market and getting acquainted with the conditions for obtaining a work permit, as well as the offers of HR companies, we can distinguish several main professions for which in the future will be particularly high in Poland:

1. Demand for warehouse and logisticians in Poland.
This profession occupies the leading position among all vacancies. There is a great demand in this area for loading and unloading planners and logistics managers. There are also many vacancies in the following specialties – delivery managers, transport manager, product distribution managers.

2. Demand for blue-collar workers in Poland.
There are many vacancies in the segment related to manual work. These are vacancies related to the industrial sector – welders, machine operators, locksmiths, electromechanics, electricians, tailors and many others. In the construction industry, there will be a demand for the following specialties – assemblers, steel fixers, concrete workers, plasterers and bricklayers, finishing workers and specialists in earthworks. A huge number of teams from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are already working on construction sites in Poland. Experts from the agricultural sector will also be sought. In Poland, the farm is very developed, so this sector always attracts “employees”. Often in this area, visa-free work is also practiced during seasonal work in Poland.
The food industry also has a huge demand for chefs, confectioners, bakers and other professionals.

3. Demand for commercial workers in Poland.
Sales specialists from various industries are very popular on the Polish labor market. They are sales representatives, sales agents, sellers of food, medical products and cosmetics, sellers of construction products and electronics, sellers of Polish supermarket chains. Sellers of banking, consulting and stock exchange services are also in demand.

4. Demand for drivers and security guards in Poland.
There are many vacancies on the Polish labor market in these two categories. There is a shortage of bus and truck drivers in Poland. It should be noted that in order to get a job in this sector, in addition to obtaining a work permit in Poland, you also need to get a license!

5. Demand for technicians and warehouse workers in Poland.
Industrial enterprises in Poland need not only employees, but also qualified managers – store managers, technologists, specialists and chemists.

6. Demand for engineers in Poland.
One of the most frequently chosen professions in the world. A qualified engineer in Poland will easily find a job for a good salary. Specialists with knowledge of the Polish language and experience in construction, electrical engineering and mechanics are particularly sought after.

7. Specialists in the field of information technology.
Workers in this field, as well as engineers, are in demand in all developed economic countries. Poland is no exception. Competent specialists-developers of computer programs, applications and software can easily find a well-paid job here.
More and more companies are moving their work online, so protecting your information and transactions is more important than ever. The demand for e-commerce specialists is also growing. There are more and more online stores.

8. Economists and accountants.
There are also very favorable conditions for jobseekers in the financial and economic sectors. But you need to know that in order to get a job as an accountant in a Polish company, knowledge of the Polish language and legal regulations, in particular the Accounting Act, is required!

9. HR managers.
Due to the fact that there is a demand for labor in Poland, many recruitment companies are interested in recruiting HR specialists. The following specialties are sought in this area – HR managers, headhunters, managers, as well as business partners. A big advantage will be specialist knowledge not only in the field of personnel management, but also in the field of law and personnel training.

10. Service industry.
Due to the large increase in the number of foreign employees in Poland, a new direction is emerging, which is services for foreigners. The number of vacancies in the following areas is growing – hairdressing, cosmetology, masseurs and physiotherapists.

It should be noted that the most difficult job in Poland is to work as a lawyer, doctor, marketer and teacher. Foreign language teachers are constantly needed. And for highly qualified doctors, the Polish government intends to simplify the hiring procedure in connection with the recent events and the outbreak of the pandemic.
Our company does not deal with employment and job search for clients, but we will always be ready to help in obtaining a Polish work visa or a work permit in Poland. If you have any questions or would like more information on this, you can always write to us at office@progressholding.pl and we will share all the information you need with you.

10 most popular job offers in Poland