Bank statements and the history of transactions on the current account – differences

Bank account requirement

All legal persons and natural persons conducting business activity in Poland are required to have current accounts to which money is transferred from clients and contractors, and the funds are spent on operating activities.

A checking account is a kind of cooperation tool between the bank and the customer. Simply download a bank statement to track your cash flow.

The bank statement of the company’s current account is the most important financial document that reflects and confirms the execution of transactions on the account, receipt and disbursement of funds of the bank’s customers. The statement is a copy of the bank’s books of accounts handed over to the customer. This basic accounting document serves as the basis for the calculation of profits and costs, as well as for tax and accounting purposes. The bank statement is a mandatory document (subject to tax control) under the Accounting Act in Poland.

The bank statement is generated from the bpnka program on the last day of the month. Polish law does not provide for a strict form of an account statement, however, there is a list of necessary information that should be indicated in the statement:

Bank statements and the history of transactions on the current account - differences-progress-holding Name of the bank, its seat address, bank details (BIK and correspondence account), name of the branch or branch, name of the office;

  • Customer name and current account number;
  • Creation date (;
  • Statement number;
  • Selected period to generate the statement;
  • Balances at the beginning of the period and its end;
  • Total amount of traffic on the current account (credits and debits);
  • Statement of all transactions on the account – income / cost, with an indication of the transaction date and a short description.


How to get a bank statement

Due to the banking sector’s emphasis on remote customer support, there are many ways to obtain a bank statement:

  • Obtaining a statement from your personal account. Here you can create a bank statement for the month, view it and download or print it.
  • Obtaining a statement at a bank branch.

IMPORTANT! Depending on the bank and tariff, some methods of requesting a statement may be subject to commission. The electronic statement is usually free of charge.

Differences “Bank Statement” and “History of Operations”

Many applications of Polish banks have two functions or two separate tabs – “Bank statement” and “Operation history”. Customers often confuse these functions and submit the wrong document to the tax authorities, although the content of these documents is similar.

In the “Operation history” tab, we will be able to see only the list of transactions performed for a separate period, view the payment or interest claim, see the date and time of the operation, and repeat the operation if necessary. There will be no document number here, as well as balances and balances at the beginning and end, as in the “Bank Statement”.

IMPORTANT! “Transaction history” is not an accounting document and is not accepted by the tax authorities! Only “Bank Statement” will be accepted here.


IMPORTANT! Only the “Bank Statement” gives you an idea of ​​the income and expenditure of funds in your account over a period of time. If we are talking about the company’s accounting, then on the basis of “Bank statements” and attachments thereto – payment documents – the accountant keeps tax and accounting records, and also reports to the tax authorities.





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