Brexit new chapter

Brexit became a reality. Let’s leave the matter of Great Britain for the British. For us the biggest concern will be the consequences exit from the Union of Great Britain.
Especially for Polish it is an important issue because the United Kingdom is a major trading partner and investor in the Polish market.
We enter a period of market volatility and the volatility of currencies, USD / GBP lost more than 8%. Therefore, we recommend a lot of caution when entering into transactions

Seizure and position. Probably gold will lose. Some of the Polish companies, which have close contacts with the United Kingdom may experience turbulence. However, for some companies this is an opportunity to gain new customers or market. For Ukrainian Issuers Brexit in the short and medium term does not matter. USD / UAH has not changed, and the EUR / UAH fell even 2%
It should look at the strategies of companies which company can replace uncertain ,, ,, partners from the UK, or to gain their weakened.
How something ends something new to zaczyna.Staramy to pass a little bit of optimism in these difficult times.

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