Business trip insurance

Business trip insurance

Business trip insurance

Business owners whose activities rely heavily on employee travel, both domestically and internationally, should adequately protect their employees. To this end, business trip insurance, in the form of an appropriate policy to cover various mishaps, is essential. The employer can also insure the employee and thus avoid possible legal consequences.

Business trip insurance when travelling abroad

The first, basic protection is the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It confirms that the employee has insurance in Poland, which in turn entitles them to medical care within the European Union and EFTA. Basic care is generally free of charge, while other treatment services must be paid for out of pocket – in such situations, it is best to combine the EHIC with a separate travel insurance. In most cases, it is the employer who covers the employee’s insurance costs. It is important to remember that the insurance policy purchased by the entrepreneur is included in the property income of the respective company and is subject to personal income tax.

Insurance of business trips within Poland

For business trips within Poland, an ordinary employee insurance policy is sufficient. Employee insurance policies cover a wide range of events that may occur during work and business trips in Poland. Group packages for employees usually involve a minimum of formalities and the cost of such insurance is PLN 50 to 200 per month.

Business trip insurance and costs

The prices of individual business travel insurance depend on the vendor and the package or additional options conditioning the specific policy. The length of time you are abroad on a business trip is also important. Popular offers and rates start from as little as a few zlotys per day, with such insurance amounting to approximately PLN 20,000 for a sample week of delegation at the lowest amounts. These rates can also be higher, depending on the options selected, and provide higher cover.

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