Customer acquisition

Business is built on sales. Without sales, you will not have an income. And if there is no income, there won`t be profits.

Therefore, customer search is one of the most serious and important tasks for the management of any business.

During  entering new markets, it is needed to show to new customers all the advantages of your product or services-attractive, competitive prices, high quality of products or services. There are basic models of attracting customers.

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A well-prepared presentation of goods or services is practically the first step in contacting the customer. That’s why presentations are often emotional, saturated with lots of photos and presented graphically in a very attractive way. All this to keep the client’s attention for a longer time and give the impression of professionalism. So it is the first moment of contact with him, so remember to make the right impression, so that the offer will stay in clinet’s memory for a long time.

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Our company is ready to offer help in preparing a sales presentation of your product or service. This is accompanied by help in sending e-mail notifications with offers. We send them to all your clients. We help in the preparation of the offer in which the specificity and qualities of your product will be determined. In the end, the sales result will depend on that. Presentation of your goods and services is practically the first step in building customer relationships.

Remember Bill Gates’s notorious expression regarding the Internet and business? The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. Most companies are looking for both suppliers and buyers over the Internet. And you need your website so that your customers will know about you and your offers. The site provides an opportunity to attract targeted visitors looking for products and services on the Internet exactly in your industry.

And the site is an obligatory element of the company’s image. After all, your site will form an opinion about your company. We will give you the necessary recommendations for creating a website and filling it with content, paying special attention to feedback. The feedback form is a convenient opportunity that helps your potential customers in the “real-time” mode to get the necessary advice on the product and working conditions.

It is rephrased in Bill Gates expression ,,Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.,,

It should be noted that for successful business development it is required to use tools to promote products. One of the popular tools are fairs / exhibitions that allow you to collect the maximum number of potential customers in one place. When participating in exhibitions and fairs, you must present yourself and your product accordingly. A recognized trade fair is an ideal place for establishing business contacts. You can meet future clients directly in an informal atmosphere. Make friends with them, get your order and contacts. Progress Holding is ready to support your company in the proper presentation of the product, preparation of its presentation and gaining customers on this type of business events.

We are ready to help you adequately present your product and your company at the most prestigious international exhibitions.

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