Entering Polish market, customer’s acqusition

Business is built on sales. Without sales, you will not have an income. And if there is no income, there won`t be profits. Therefore, customer search is one of the most serious and important tasks for the management of any business.
With our over 17 years of experience we  know that during entering new markets, it is needed to show to new customers all the advantages of your product or services-attractive, competitive prices, high quality of products or services. There are basic models of attracting customers.

We apply the method:

  • prepare  attrective offer
  • select your customers
  • meet the cutomers and convince to use of your product

We are ready to offer you an assistance in preparing a presentation of your product or service. We will help with sending notices to e-mail with your special offers, which you will send out to all your customers. We will help with the writing of the offer, where the terms of the contract will be indicated. It is from them in the end and the result will depend.
If you open a new business, or promote a new product, it is impossible to do it without advertising in the media and on the Internet. We will help you to plan an advertising campaign and orient it as much as possible to “your client”, highlighting a useful and interesting information for the target audience – bright, “tasty” and awakens the desire to purchase your goods and services.
Remember Bill Gates’s notorious expression regarding the Internet and business? The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow. Most companies are looking for both suppliers and buyers over the Internet. And you need your website so that your customers will know about you and your offers. The site provides an opportunity to attract targeted visitors looking for products and services on the Internet exactly in your industry.

We have expertise on Polish and Ukrainia markets.

Use free consultancy, write to us office@progressholding.pl

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