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Progress Holding provides distribution services for Polish and Ukrainian companies as well as companies from other countries.

We have contractors from a number of sectors from Poland and Ukraine, with whom we have been cooperating for years. On this basis, we can confirm that some of our contractors are worth recommending, respecting their reputation. Progress Holding has particularly good contacts with companies from the food production, IT and construction sectors.

What to import from Ukraine, what goods – Polish entrepreneurs often ask this question.

Due to the diversity of markets, Poland-Ukraine trade has great potential. In Ukraine, we observe low prices of energy, workforce with a good education of middle technical staff and infrastructure that makes Ukrainian companies attractive partners for importing goods and subcontracting. The reliability of Ukrainian partners and weaknesses in the judiciary can be reduced to a certain extent by taking certain protective measures .

Progress Holding will support Polish companies in checking the credibility of Ukrainian clients.

Despite this background, import from Ukraine is an interesting business activity for Polish companies. It is necessary to reduce the risk, build trade relations with Ukrainian contractors, and secure their interests. In this respect Progress Holding can provide you with support and obtaining relevant information, we will not only check the reliability, credibility, but also the solvency of the company from Ukraine. It is worth considering placing subcontracts on the Ukrainian market.

What is worth importing from Ukraine?

Such a question can be commented on that products and services worthy of consideration are those in which human work and energy are largely located. Because these components are cheap in Ukraine. Besides, the group of interesting goods from Ukraine includes agricultural products, wood, raw materials, light industry products, machines and mechanical devices etc.

Polish products have a good reputation in Ukraine, hence it is easier to export to Ukraine products made in Poland, since 2018 demand for products from the economy segment is more demanded due to the lower purchasing power of Ukrainian citizens. At the same time, the possibilities for exporting technology to Ukraine are opening up.

Polish exporters penetrated the Ukrainian market well, however, also Slovaks, Czechs and Hungarians are increasingly selling goods in Ukraine. Therefore, there is room for a larger part of Polish exporters. In addition, the market is dynamic and existing mechanisms no longer work. Therefore, one should constantly search for the most effective solutions, both in the field of export and import from Ukraine.

Import from Ukraine may reduce the costs of your production to some extent.

On the other hand, the technological advancement of Polish partners and the size of the Polish market mean that Poland is an interesting partner for exporting companies. Ukrainian market is absorptive in many areas, however very often contractors show lack of import financing capacity. In this case, Progress Holding has certain solutions that can help Polish exporters. Export to Ukraine has been a well-known topic for years, however many Polish companies have bad experience in this area (fraud, unlawful conduct, etc.). Unfortunately, in many cases the reason is the naive behavior of Polish contractors. Nevertheless, you can check the contractor and partially protect yourself from this type of risk.

How to check the Ukrainian company – Progress Holding can collect data about the contractor and present the history of its cooperation with other contractors.

Before starting cooperation, we always check Ukrainian suppliers in terms of:

  • quality of goods ( acceptable by Polish buyers),
  • the credibility of the entity in terms of mastering the technology and organization of work,
  • stability of the supply of goods.

Only after meeting these conditions, we undertake distribution services. Hence, our Ukrainian contractors have good quality goods and are able to provide it to Polish customers stably. It is worth considering the export of goods to Ukraine as well as the import.

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