Raw Materials

Progress Holding is the exclusive distributor of the production of Inteko Polska Sp zo o.Inteko Polska Sp zoo operating in Poland since 2016, part of the Inteko group from Ukraine is interested in cooperation in the supply of oil extracts. Oil extracts are produced using cryogenic technologies that ensure high concentration of squalene, azulene, valeric acid vitamins and other valuable ingredients etc.

We currently have the following oil extracts:

Amaranth oil (amaranthus), Wheat germ oil, Oil of milk, Cumin black oil, Eucalyptus oil, Marigold oil (calendula), Camomile oil (chamomile), Lavender oil, Icelandic moss oil, Sage oil,  Coriander oil, Liquorice root Extract, Lantago lanceolata leac extract and others.

There is a possibility of delivery from 1 kg and 2-3 weeks from the date of order. We send samples. We invite you to cooperation.


Camomile MSDS                      Coriander MSDS                      Icelandic moss MSDS

Liquorice MSDS                         Amaranth MSDS                     Sage MSDS

Calendula (Marygold) MSDS


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