Electronic signature in Poland

There are two types of Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) in Poland. In most cases, they perform almost the same functions. Those are:

  • “Trusted Profile” in ePUAP
  • Qualified electronic digital signature (on a physical medium)

The Electronic Platform of Public Services (Elektroniczna Platforma Usług Administracji Publiczne) or, in abbreviated form, ePUAP, allows registered users, individuals, to resolve many issues related to public services via the Internet at any convenient time without visiting government institutions.

ePUAP is a so-called trusted profile that works like your handwritten signature and is the equivalent of a secure electronic signature that is verified by a qualified certificate. The profile contains personal data of a person – last name, first name, date of birth, PESEL number. For more information about a trusted ePUAP profile, how to register it and what you need to do, you can find out from our instructions, please write to office@progressholding.pl

Now let’s talk about the so-called qualified electronic signature – EDS or e-podpis

If you decide to conduct business in Poland, the presence of an EDS or ePUAP is a necessity. It should also be noted that this EDS is an affordable alternative for foreign citizens and entrepreneurs who cannot register an ePUAP “Trusted Profile” due to their lack of a PESEL number. The PESEL number is assigned, in turn, only to foreigners permanently residing in Poland and having a residence permit or wanting to open a company in Poland.
epuap - Electronic signature in

Why you may need a qualified digital signature

Almost all services that are currently available on the territory of Poland online can be obtained using a qualified electronic signature. These include:

  • Registration of an individual entrepreneur in CEIDG
  • Company registration through the S24 system
  • Submission of annual reports through the S24 system – Ministry of Justice

Also, with this signature, you may sign all the necessary documents in electronic format.

Similarly, having a qualified electronic signature, you can submit documents within the Polish state platform – biznes.gov.pl.

The main differences between EDS and ePUAP profile

The ePUAP profile is a kind of virtual personal account that can be entered using a computer or mobile device. EDS, in turn, requires a special device (physical medium) – for example, a token with two-phase user authentication. The token can be in USB stick format or in card reader format. It is important to know that for the use and operation of an EDS, you will also need special software that is installed on a specific computer.

Another difference between an EDS and an ePUAP profile is that the “trusted ePUAP profile” is a public service, while EDS is provided by private companies. Each of these companies has its own software, work format and prices for this type of service. Before purchasing a signature, it is important to check its operation for compatibility with the operating system of your computer.

EPUAP expiration date – 3 years with the possibility of renewal – the service is free

EDS expiration date – 2 years with the possibility of renewal – paid service.

Some programs for VTCH accounting and some websites for VTCH state work only with an EDS.

How to get a qualified digital signature in Poland

In order to obtain a qualified electronic signature in Poland, you will need to apply for a service to one of the certified representative firms in Poland. The certification and issuance of licenses for such companies in Poland is monitored by the National Certification Center. Their website contains a complete list of companies that have the NCCert certificate to provide this service.

To issue a qualified electronic signature on a flash-carrier, they will require from you only one document – a foreign passport.

The prices for EDS production are regulated by the market, they are not provided for by law, stamp duties or other payments. The price will depend on:

  • Company providing the service
  • Certificate validity period (from 1 to 2 years, depending on the validity of the certificate)
  • The type of device used for signing (USB token, memory card reader)
  • The cost can vary from 100 to 150 EUR
  • Renewal of the certificate from 50 EUR

With a personal presence, the signature can be issued within 1 day. If you are not in Poland, then the algorithm for obtaining such a signature remotely will be as follows:

  1. You need to find a partner of one of the certified companies
  2. Send them a scanned copy of the passport to their mail
  3. During the day, the partner sends you an electronic version of the agreement for registration of an EDS, which you need to print, fill out, and sign in the presence of a notary in your country of residence, then send the original of the agreement by mail.
  4. After receiving the agreement, within 2 days the EDS signature on the flash-carrier will be ready and sent to your address.


IMPORTANT! When issuing an EDS remotely, a power of attorney is not issued!

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