Entering the Ukrainian market, client’s acqusition

With more than 17 years of experience working in Ukrainia market still we see opportunities. However risks are high. It is necessary to identify several growing markets, where there are not so many competitors. We are ready to commit ourselves to studying trends in local markets that can affect the demand for the company’s products. In addition, we will help to analyze the volume of consumption and volumes that fall on imports. And also study all the competitors – both local producers and main suppliers

We will help you to decide on geography. When variants of new markets are found, the potential exporter should competently approach the definition of the geographical structure of sales. Dependence on supplies to one or two countries can be a threat in case of changes imposed on these markets.

Verification of standards. One of the most obvious tasks for a company that claims to enter the foreign market is to check whether its products meet its requirements.

We will help to maximize the study of customers and counterparties. Therefore, before planning to enter the market, it is necessary to study it, understand and identify the weaknesses of the products. For example, low quality or limited assortment. But also recommend the distinctive characteristics that can be used in the struggle for foreign customers.

We will help evaluate the readiness of the company. Planning to sell their products or services in other countries, companies should first assess whether it has enough resources for this, both financial and human. It is also worth analyzing whether you have enough production capacity to meet export demand, because their deficits can lead to undesirable delays in deliveries. And also it is sensible to assess all the difficulties of production and supply of products necessary for the customer.

We will help you with this!

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