Fund rising, Finding investor – partners

Recently, the demand for long-term investments has increased, there is a need to find new sources of financing. In contrast to the already existing principles and methodologies for sectoral and regional distribution of capital investments, the problem of financing individual projects at the expense of investment resources, which are represented by individuals and enterprises of various forms of ownership, is now becoming topical. Since the main and only criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of projects is their profitability, in the world practice, financing is becoming increasingly widespread, with the project itself being the main collateral for loans granted to banks, or, more precisely, the revenues received as a result of its implementation. A distinctive feature of project financing is participation in projects of large companies, first-class banks and reputable insurance companies. Such projects require comprehensive justification, thorough qualified expertise and audit, a clear distribution of investment risks among all project participants.

Привлечение капитала, привлечение партнёра

There are several options, the terms of which satisfy the investor or the creditor and encourage him to participate in the project.

    1. Based on the results of the examination, the creditor concludes that the project is highly viable and profitable. In this case, he can participate in the project even with low creditworthiness of other project participants.
    2. Carrying out calculations that satisfy the creditor, in which expected cash flows from the project, will subsequently be a source of debt coverage.
    3. Conducting an analysis of the financial condition of the borrowing enterprise confirming its high rating and the ability to timely repay the debt.

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