Import from Ukraine, how to import from Ukraine

The main conditions for the implementation of imports include:

– Collecting a package of documents for the import of products;

– Compliance with tariff and non-tariff regulation measures;

– Payment of customs fee.

Also an important aspect is the confirmation of compliance with the safety requirements for the product. Depending on the type, the products being transported, it is required to issue authorization documents that are responsible for the safety of the goods, hygiene and veterinary conditions. Most of the goods must be certified on the territory of Ukraine.

To successfully conduct an import transaction and perform all customs formalities, it will be necessary to apply to the customs representative. We offer full support of the transaction, which will save you unnecessary trouble and allow you to deliver within the agreed time.

What documents are needed for import?

To import goods from Ukraine, the company that does this, should take care of collecting such a package of documents:

– Contract for foreign economic transactions. Here, too, information on details of operations and possible actions should be indicated when conditions change;

– Invoices for goods with detailed calculation of the cost of delivery of goods;

– Technical documents for goods that are imported;

– transport documents, the number of which depends on the chosen mode of transportation;

– Invoices describing the physical characteristics of goods, as well as information on how the cargo is safe;

– Documents that confirm the payment of all taxes and customs duties.

However, the realities are such that not always the data on unscrupulous companies fall into official sources. This is due to the fact that these companies have a “special relationship” with the authorities (for example, municipal). On the top of this, we can add weak role of the judicial system, which controls the execution of contracts, and corrupted officials, and therefore the judicial system does not have independent position.

When working with business partners, you need to have as much information as possible. This reduces the risks of receivables, taxation problems, and also excludes the possibility of entering into contractual relations with scammers.

Our specialists in the shortest possible time will collect the necessary data on a possible or existing business partner, not only from official sources, but also from personal sources.

We provide a full range of services in this matter. And for those customers who are still in search of suitable customers, we can also offer our services, help and assist in finding and solving problems.

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