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As we know, China is today the second economy in the world (by GDP). Considering purchasing power parity, it turns out that they are number one, leaving the US behind. Chinese currency, yuan, belongs to the group of five that make up the IMF reserve. At the moment, the value of Chinese investments in foreign countries exceeded the value of investments of these countries in China. A few years ago there was the first time in history when the Chinese investments in the United States were greater than those in the Middle Kingdom.

The region of East Asia is becoming more and more important every year in the global economy. At present, five of the twenty largest economies in our globe are Asian countries, many of whom have been poor or poorly developed in recent years. In contrast to Asian countries, the share of the US and European Union in the global economy is on a downward trend, making it louder and louder about the current age will be the time of Asia with the dominant role of the Chinese economy.

Thanks to the current situation, China is becoming a very good source of business opportunities, and hence, the import of goods and almost all industries. But what is always to remember is that China is a very culturally different country from the west. Ignorance of the local realities regarding import or export can effectively prevent the company from operating freely and fruitfully on that market. Below are some important issues to keep in mind when importing from China to be safe and fruitful.

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