Incorporation in Poland

We have 16 year of experienc in incorporation of businesses in Poland and abroad.


Scope of service:

  • incorporation
  • company address
  • bookkeeping
  • tax returns
  • personnel and payrols, social securities
  • bank account
  • other busienss support

In 2019 Poland lowered CIT to 9% what brought Poland to attractive place for business for foreigners.  Market enjoys qualified personell and GDP grwoth is above 4%  in 2019.

Basic terms and conditions to set up  limited liability company:

campany can be set up by internetyes – beforehand you have to have electronic signature ePuap
Timingif the company is sent up by inyernet, registration takes around 5 days
OwnershipLimited liability comapny  can be owned 100% by the foreigner
Boardall board members can be foreigners
Minmum share capita5000 PLN
Activityacompany activites are described according to the local code system (PKD)
bank accountyou can open bank account in the international rated banks.
costenclosed, see tab Price list

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