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Why to open a company in Poland

Presently Poland is a midsize economy in EU. Starting a  company in Poland you have free access to the huge EU market. Therefore setting up a company in Poland today is an attractive business opportunity for foreigners.  Poland has low corporate income tax 9% for small and medium companies. Polish market of 38 million  consumers enables  you to sell your products.  In Poland you can find qualified personnel and GDP growth is above EU avarage. For that reason setting up a company in Poland is a justified business solution.

You may use our 19 years business advisory service to start a company in Poland

Forms of starting a business in Poland

The most popular form of running a business in Poland is registering a  one person company or sole proprietorship. However, sole proprietorship is possible only for Polish and EU citizens and foreigners with a permanent residence card, therefore economic activity is dominated by Polish citizens.  For o details look here.  So we recommend to open a company in Poland in a form of limited liability company. That is the best choise to start a company in Poland.

Establishment and registration of a limited liability company in Poland

Company formation in Poland can be performed in two ways: traditionally, in the form of a notarial deed or via the Internet, on the S24 portal, run by the Ministry of Justice. Here we will present you everything you need to open a company in Poland and how to do it.

Important! To open a company in Poland online you must have an electronic signature ePUAP profile (personal identification number – PESEL- is needed to creatate ePUAP profile), or qualified e-signature. Without it, you can not open a company in Poland.  Every document prepared and delivered to the Register  must be signed by e-signature. The Register does not accept paper documents in the process of setting up a company in Poland.

Step plan – what are phases to register a company in Poland

  1. provide notarized passport copy and POA in order obtain ID PESEL number
  2. sign in ePUAP – electronic signature and process it.
  3. provide information for filling Polish Register application
  4. sign prepared Polish Register application
  5. receive from us extract form the Polish Register – enjoy you company

Establishment and registration of an online company via S24, business set up in Poland

When using the online registration S24, remember that all shareholders of the Polish company signing Polish articles of association must have an active account in the S24 and ePUAP electronic signature. When starting business registration in Poland the online application must  contain a list of the company’s shareholders, list of  board directors, the subject of the company’s activities, specify the manner of representing the company.  Its recommended that all shereholders  and board members in the process of starting a company in Poland  need a PESEL number (it takes few days to be obtained PESEL for a foreigner), a valid passport. You will need to specify the value of each share (must be at least 50 PLN) and number of shares. Consequently you will see amount of share capital (minimum 5,000 PLN) in your new Polish company.

What is the method to sign the documents in company registration in Poland process:

• Qualified electronic signature – to be paid
• Signature  – ePUAP – free of charge

During set up a company in Poland there is a number of documents to be signed by the shareholders and board of directors like: the articles of association,  a statement of paid in capital, a list of shareholders or an application to be registered into the National Court Register is signed by the company’s management board. The company’s shareholders may enter the management board. That is how it works to start a company in Poland.

Foregners, without any limitations,  may become shereholders of the Polish company and Board Members!

Any foreigne is entitled to set up a company in Poland. There is no discrimination in starting a company in  Poland for any foreigner. The only indicator, which shows viability  whether your business set up in Poland is profitable is the market. Therefore foreigners are free to register a business in Poland. If you faced nationality restrictions in other countries, setting up a company in Poland is a good choise for you. Foreigner with any passport may start a company in Poland

Fees for setting up a company in Poland and stamp duty:

  • Our company formation service in Poland fee is described in  Prices list section
  • For company incorporation  in Poland  is  PLN 350
  • Fee for changes in the Register for the Polish company already established is PLN 300

The application, with paid in stamp duty,  is  sent to the selected registry court relevant to the Polish company formation addresst.

After setting up a company in Poland in the National Court Register, you will have:

  • extract from the Register confirming company reistration. This extract covers: name, address, shareholders, board of directors, representation and  business activities.
  • it includes: REGON (statistic) and NIP (tax identification number TIN) numbers, notificationas a  payer to ZUS

Your next steps  after registering a business in Poland

  • pay PPC tax as share capital fee.
  • the new Polish campany has to submit NIP-8 application within 21 days. If, on the other hand, it intends to pay social security contributions, then the deadline is 7 days from the day on which you sign work  agreement.
  • Submit an application for registration as a VAT payer at least 7 days before the first transaction

Timing: All process takes from 1 week to maximum 2 weeks, if  you intentionally do not slow down  to start a company in Poland .

For our part, we recommend registering and establishing a limited liability company via the S24 system. If you have questions additional questions like: how to open a company in Poland, want us to help you get the necessary data, documents or you want us to do all the formalities for you, we invite you to cooperation and using our business service and support. Write to us at

The price list of our services it is here

Establishment and setting up a company in Poland at a notary.

If you wish to can set up a  LLC company at the notary.  Advantage to set up a company in Poland in the Notary  is that you can choose tailor made Articles of Assotiation. In order to open a company in Poland  with notary  you  need PESEL and ePUAP.  This is  important because later you will sign  the documents to open a company in Poland and deliver to the Register. You may issue power of attorney for Progress Holding representative and have registred the  LLC company in a remote mode. So you are not needed to be present in Poland, based on POA we set up a company in Poland for you. To start a company in Poland remotedly is cheeper and does not necesserily make it longer.

The following data must be provided to the notary to prepare the articles of association and process registering a company in Poland:

• Data of shareholders, that is: first and last names, parents’ names, series and number of identity document, PESEL (if available) , identification of marital status, address of residence, and in case if the partner is to be a legal person (or other entity) – full company / name with data representatives, registration numbers, REGON, NIP, registered office address of the Company, Company headquarters (town or city)
• Duration of the Company (the period for which the company was established), if applicable
• Company’s business activity (eg indication of PKD numbers)
• The amount of share capital (not less than 5,000 PLN)
• Number of shares and their nominal value (not less than 50 PLN per one share)
• shares attributable to each shareholder.
• Method of paying the capital (cash or in kind; in the case of an in-kind contribution)
• Management Board (determining the number of members and the manner of representing the Company)

The fees to set up a company in Poland with a notary:

The cost of notary fees depends on the amount of share capital:

• Minimum share capital of 5,000 PLN – 160 PLN
• 5,000 to PLN 10,000 – 160 + 3% on the surplus 5,000 PLN
• 10,000 to PLN 30,000 – 310 + 2% on the surplus 10,000 PLN
• 30,000 to PLN 60,000 – 710 + 1% on the surplus 30,000 PLN
• 60,000 to PLN 1,000,000 – 1,010 + 0.4% on the surplus 60,000 PLN

The articles of association costs should be supplemented with a fee for number of copies  issued. The cost  of a copy is PLN 6 + 23% VAT for each page started.

As of July 1st, 2021, the submission of update and registration documents to the National Court Register is valid only via the Internet via the Court Registers Portal (PRS):

In order to be able to sign the prepared documents or submit them in person, you need to open an account with governmental  website PRS, have a trusted e-PUAP profile or a qualified signature and a PESEL number. At the moment, updating and registration documents to the National Court Register cannot be submitted in paper. You have to know that to start a company in Poland you can not in paper form.

Progress Holding  provides company formation services  in Poland at the notary. Write us on for further details and cooperation.

Business registration in Poland -step plan

In principal running a business in Poland is more or less the same as in other EU countries. There are particularities but you can quickly get acquainted. Before you start business registration in Poland you have to determine what are your goals to achieve. In order to make it short, what is need from you to start a company in Poland:

  1. get ID PESEL
  2. process electronic signature
  3. provide information for filling Register formats
  4. sign  Register formats and deliver it to the Court
  5. after the Register insert your company in the company  register – you can operate !

Surely you have your business plan. So, please apply the following  plan to register a company in Poland:

First – what legal form of the company is more appropriate to your business? What share capital you want to allocate? Who are the directors? What types of businesses you have to insert in the Articles of Association?

Second – find your counterparty, who will be mandated to incorporate a company in Poland, check several offers. In the bids evaluate experience, references, competences, timing, complexity of services, virtual office service, price. The cost of incorporation is a one off cost therefore price is not a priority, better  pay attention to the quality of service like  business advisory services Poland .

Thirdly – the simplest way to open a company in Poland is by using government S24 e-platform. Therefore, you have to have ID number – PESEL, e-signature – ePUAP, afterwards 5 days and you have a company.

How to get e-PUAP account and PESEL number as a company formation services process in Poland :

1. We draft the power of attorney – you have to sign, no need of notary.

2. Rpovide notarized copies of your passport, with apostil – hard copies needed as well

3. We get for you Polish PESEL.

4. You are given instructions how to register on e-signature. You register and arrange appointment at Polish Consulate or Embassy.

5. You need to confirm the e-PUAP at Polish Consulate.

Fourthly – choose your accountant. In this respect read recommendation here LINK. Mind that some  applications have to be placed with tax office, namely VAT-R- becoming VAT payer. NIP-8 notification to tax office your address, bookkeeper  bank accounts, UPL – POA for delivery electronic declarations to the tax office PEL – POA for electronic  declaration to be delivered to the social security for payrolls.

Once you become VAT payer , your Polish company must deliver monthly declarations to the tax office, otherwise you will pay penalty.

Progress Holding  provides business advisory services in Poland . Write us on for further clarifications.

Case study – What problems face foreign small companies in Poland and how we handle them?

Main problems foreign companies face in starting business in Poland:

  1. Language Barriers: Language barriers can be a significant challenge for foreign small companies in Poland. They may struggle to communicate effectively with suppliers, customers, and employees. This is the the main worry to start a company in Poland. Our team fluently speak English and has experience in working in other countries.
  1. Lack of Local Market Knowledge: Foreign small companies may lack knowledge of the local market and cultural nuances. We understands the local market in order to  develop effective marketing strategies, identifying potential partners, and meeting regulatory requirements. You may use our business advisory services in Poland
  1. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Foreign small companies need to comply with local legal and regulatory requirements, which can be complicated and time-consuming. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in penalties, legal disputes, and reputational damage. Than is why experienced business advisory services in Poland is needed. Progress Holding team is experienced in running business in Poland and have various practice in finance, accounting, sales.
  1. Difficulty in Hiring Skilled Employees: Hiring skilled employees can be a challenge for foreign small companies, particularly if they are not well-known or established in the local market. Account managers from Progress Holding  may effectively assist in hiring competent employees.
  2. Lack of Access to Financing: Foreign small companies may find it challenging to access financing in Poland due to unfamiliarity with the local financial system and lack of credit history. This can limit their ability to grow and expand their business. Business advisory services in Poland has a long  experience in finance, banking and credit finance.
Incorporation in Poland - Progress Holding

Additional consideratins:

• Minimal share capital for LLC is –  5,000 PLN. To be paid within reasonable time
• LLC has  to notify ultimate beneficiaries as well as to make sure is registered on the White List to the Finance Ministry
• Tax on civil law transactions – from 21 PLN (depending on the share capital)

Timing: All process takes from one to two months maximum

Basic terms and conditions to set up  limited liability company:

Subject Description
Campany can be set up by internet Yes – beforehand you have to have electronic signature ePuap
Timing If the company is sent up by inyernet, registration takes around 5 days
Ownership Limited liability comapny  can be owned 100% by the foreigner
Board All board members can be foreigners
Minmum share capital 5000 PLN
Activity Acompany activites are described according to the local code system (PKD)
Bank account You can open bank account in the international rated banks.
Cost Enclosed, see tab Price list

Progress Holding will not only help you start a company in Poland and register a new company, but will also provide you a wide range of business service. For ex. with checking your contractors in Polish Company Report (also known as White List), offering you bookkeeping/accounting services (we specialize in small business accounting) and virtual office, banking or tax registration. We have a huge experience on the market and provide fast and professional service in supporting your business.

Ask for the free consultation on

Taxes in Poland for companies.

As we said above, the residence of the company is an important factor in the taxation of legal entities. Companies registered in Poland are considered as tax residents. They are required to pay taxes on profits. To confirm your residency, you can always get a CFR1 certificate from the tax office. If the company is not a resident, then only the part of the profit that is received in Poland is taxed.

Corporate Income Tax for companies (CIT ) and VAT

The taxable base is calculated by subtracting using the formula:revenue (i.e. turnover) – expenses = income, excluding VAT

In 2022, there are two main income tax rates in Poland:

  • Tax 9% – is applied if the company’s annual income is less than 2,000,000 EUR. This rate is considered one of the lowest in the EU. This is a kind of support for small and medium enterprises –
  • Tax 19%. Applicable if the company has made annual revenues of more than 2,000,000 EUR, and if during the year the revenue was less and at the end of the year exceeded 2,000,000 EUR, then the 19% tax is applied for the whole year

Basic VAT tax is 23%

!!!  Applications to the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries

All new companies must register in Central Register of Real Beneficiaries (others until July 13 2020). The application consists of 4 stages. Providing the NIP number and the form of the company, selecting / generating the application, filling in the form and signature. The application allows you to sign the application with a qualified signature and a profile trusted by ePUAP. Penalties of up to 1 million PLN are anticipated for failure to comply with the notification requirement.

 More information is HERE

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