A sole proprietorship for citizens of Ukraine

A sole proprietorship for citizens of Ukraine

A sole proprietorship company in Poland can be registered online or traditionally, at any commune office. Company registration in the CEIDG system is free of charge. You do not pay either for submitting an application for company registration, or for obtaining an entry in CEIDG, or for making changes to this entry.

In addition, every entrepreneur registered in CEIDG can use a free account on the biznes.gov.pl portal, thanks to which he has easy access to the data of his activity.

Registration of a company in CEIDG may take from 7 to 30 days, although usually it does not exceed a week.

Having a PESEL number and a trusted profile, you can register your company online. The first step is to create an Entrepreneur’s Account on the biznes.gov.pl portal.

You can sign an online application with a trusted profile or a qualified signature. The trusted profile will also be needed to handle your entry in the CEIDG register, for example to make changes. Regardless of whether you register your company online or traditionally – if you have a title that entitles you to stay in Poland, you must present it to make your stay legal.

IMPORTANT! Such a document does not have to be presented by citizens of Ukraine who legally entered the territory of Poland in the period from February 24, 2022 from Ukraine and declare their intention to stay in Poland.

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