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Today we will talk about car leasing in Poland. Leasing is the registration of the car for a long-term period with the subsequent acquisition of ownership. In practice, it looks like this: the buyer goes to a car dealership, chooses the right car, then signs a leasing contract, and then begins to pay monthly installments, in return the lessor provides him with a new car. After the end of the rental period, the car may become the property of the lessee. The cost, as a rule, also includes the repair and maintenance of cars.

Car leasing in Poland is convenient and profitable. Basically, leasing is intended for companies and legal entities, but there is also a way to leasing cars to individuals.

Leasing companies in Poland may be banks or other financial market facilities, as well as specialized organizations. These organizations are established in car dealerships, which usually significantly simplifies and shortens the application processing time.


Documents for car leasing in Poland.

The approximate list of documents that the company must prepare for leasing in Poland will be as follows:

– car leasing application signed by an authorized person

– information that the person performs the function of the company’s director or a power of attorney for that person

– identity card of the person

– a copy of the company’s statute

– information on the company’s revenues for the required period, other financial documents (extracts from I / s, cash flow statement, etc.).

It should also be noted that if the vehicle is purchased for any commercial activity that requires a license, a copy of the license must also be provided.

After presenting all the necessary documents, the leasing company checks the possibility of concluding a contract (checking overdue receivables, loans, liens, etc.). This check usually takes several days.


Types of leasing.

The types of leasing are classified according to the form of relationships and conditions – operational and financial.

Operating lease – the essence of this lease is that the ownership of the vehicle remains with the lessor. The lessee obtains the right to the car only after payment and remission of payments. The advantage of operating leasing is that the vehicle does not end up on the balance sheet of the legal entity and therefore does not have to pay taxes on it. The costs of leasing and transport service can be included in the profit calculation.

Financial leasing – this type is more like a loan. The main difference is that the car immediately becomes the property of the tenant. Therefore, all maintenance costs and taxes are borne by the company.

Another difference is that in the first option, the tenant may make the last payment, and then the vehicle becomes the property or may not make the final payment, but only return the vehicle and conclude another contract for a new car. In the case of finance lease, there is no final payment or it is equal to the monthly installment. In this case, the order is considered completed after the next payment is made.

According to statistics, companies and legal entities in Poland most often use operating leasing, and this is mainly due to taxes and depreciation.

Consider the differences with a specific example:

Vehicle cost – PLN 100,000

Advance payment – PLN 50,000

The amount to be recognized – PLN 50,000

Lease period – 36 months

  Operating lease Leasing
Monthly installment of 35 months. 1 350 PLN 1 741 PLN
Final payment for the 36th month 15% (15 750 PLN) 1 050 PLN
Together for the cars 110 254 PLN 109 243 PLN
Overpayment amount 10 254 PLN, if we buy the car 9 243 PLN


Warning! Note that the down payment can be zero or can range to any value. Everything will depend on the terms of the lease.


Leasing in Poland for foreigners.

This tool can be used not only by Polish residents, but also by foreigners.

In Poland, the law does not prohibit the use of leasing by citizens of other countries. It should be noted, however, that a foreigner who has a residence permit in Poland and has a stable guaranteed income or a company will find it much easier than an illegal immigrant without a visa and official employment. Warning! In this case, the rental period will not exceed the validity of the residence permit, this should be taken into account.

Certain preferences in this regard may also be given by the foreign Pole’s card, although it is not directly related. But with this card, a foreigner can count on obtaining a preferential visa, which in turn gives the right to obtain a residence permit, and with a residence permit or citizenship, it will be much easier to access leasing.


Leasing companies in Poland.

There are many companies on the leasing market in Poland that provide this. We will mention just a few of them:

  • Masterlease
  • Idea Getin Leasing
  • Audi leasing
  • DG-Invest
  • Leased Volkswagen
  • Leased Skoda
  • GetIn Fleet

And don’t forget about leasing companies operating at car dealerships. When buying a car for leasing in Poland, check whether the showroom provides such a service.

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Leasing in Poland