Market news for May 2018

Changes and news in legislation and taxes (introduced and planned):
A new legal form of a company for startups – on May 17th, the project of a simple joint-stock company was submitted for consultation. According to the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology, it is supposed to be a modern form of a company that facilitates the development of
startups. It is supposed to combine the company’s features with limited liability company (relatively simple and low-cost incorporation, operation and liquidation of the company) with the advantages of a joint-stock company.
Easier settlements for the smallest entrepreneurs – People earning less than 1,050 PLN per month, even if they meet the definition of an entrepreneur, i.e. operate in an organized, continuous way and for profit, do not need to register a business or pay ZUS. The Ministry of Finance also confirmed that unregistered companies can provide services to other companies. A company cooperating with non-registered entrepreneurs, does not have to fulfill the obligations of the payer. A person conducting a non-registrar
activity does not have to pay tax advances. The revenue falls into the so-called other sources, shows with the others in the annual statement.
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