New activity report on the WSE for 10 2016

All today’s information override election in the US. According to our assessment, the selection will Trampa greater impact on markets including gold, than the choice of Clinton. Our market share shows a further decline in turnover, but there are no signs of its recovery.


The total value of trading on the Main Market was in the tenth year 2016. 16.5 billion PLN, ie 13.4% less than the year before. The value of trading in shares in the framework of the order book fell year on year 12.6% to 15.8 billion PLN. The decrease in the value of trading year to year also appeared on NewConnect. The value of trading on NewConnect in the tenth year 2016. 109.8 amounted to PLN, in the framework of the order book – 105.6 million PLN.

The value listed on the Catalyst market treasury bond issue at the end of the year in October 2016 80.3 billion PLN, which means an increase of 18.5% year on year. The value of bond trading on the Catalyst market within the framework of the order book has increased year on year 9.5% to 294.2 million PLN.

433 capitalization of domestic companies listed on the Main Market at the end of the tenth year was 2016 532.7 billion PLN. 486 total capitalization of domestic and foreign companies listed on the WSE Main List at the end of the year X 2016 1 019.6 billion PLN.

In October, the NC index recorded an increase of 2.59%. Similarly, also increased WIG-Ukraine, 2.89%. WIG20 WIG30 and recorded more than 6-year-percent increase, respectively 6.15 6.18% and%.