Market news from (second half of 2019)

New version of the portal

In November our marketplace/ecommerce portal was rebuilt. New layout, new page layout, even greater ease of use and new possibilities. We ecourage to visit the website, register and add ads:

Entry into force of the Act on Small ZUS

On November 21, the Polish Government adopted a bill to introduce a small ZUS for companies, calculated on income. The new solution will be able to benefit over 300,000 micro-enterprises, whose revenues for the previous year did not exceed 120,000. PLN and monthly – approx. 6 thousand PLN. It can be used by entrepreneurs whose average monthly income in 2018 did not exceed 2.5 times the minimum wage, i.e. 63 thousand PLN annually. This will give a minimum of several hundred zlotys in savings per month.

PSD2 Directive

On September 14, the EU PSD2 directive on payment services entered into force. All European Union countries must adapt to it. It is to increase consumer safety and more effectively protect them against the phenomenon of fraud in non-cash transactions. Increasing the level of electronic transaction security will be based on strong customer authentication. The way you log in to the banking / electronic payment services will change.

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