New activity report on the WSE in 02 2017

February was a particularly good month for investors holding shares of large companies. All the major listed companies, including raw materials, banks, trade and energy in February gave investors earn. P / E ratio for WIG20 rose in February from the 18,1 19,0% to% and further a number of companies have attractive valuations. Our concerns about the instability of the markets did not take place in February. Conversely large increases on the Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges show full of optimistic hopes. Polish economic indicators in 2017 year. Will be good.


On the horizon 15 March parliamentary elections in the Netherlands (fear to gain a significant part of the mandates of the Party for Freedom G.Wildersa) and the 23 7 April and May presidential elections in France (victory concern M Le Pen of the National Front) support our concerns about the sentiment towards the stock exchange . Although short-term investments will not be threatened. In February, there were no IPOs, or on the Main Market or on NewConnect.

The value of trading in shares on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (including session and block rotations) in February increased by 2017 53,2% year on year to 21,6 billion zł.Liczba transaction amounted to 1,78 million, an increase of 21,1% year on year. The value of trading on the NewConnect market in February amounted to almost 189 million zł (about 36,3% more compared to the previous year).

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