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The current price list of services Progress Holding Sp z o. o.


Bookkeeping service
1 Bookkeeping commercial books up to 20 documents 699
2 Booking each additional entry 8
3 Bookkeeping service for One Person Company (20 book entries) 599
4 Bookkeeping service without activity 400
5 HR and payroll services 50
6 Correction of VAT and CIT declarations 250
7 Preparation of NIP 8, certificate of residency CFR1,  non-arrears in taxes certificate for legal entities
7 Preparation of NIP 8, certificate of residency CFR1, non-arrears in taxes certificate for individuals, CRBR(for company)
8 Correspondence address service

*The price is obligatory from 10.11.2023

9 Workplace preparation (set up compulsory, fee paid in first invoice) 300
10 Registration changes in KRS(1 change/2 changes/more changes) 1000/2000/individually quoted
11 Preparation of documentation upon termination of the contract 300
12 Preparation of the annual report  Average monthly payment for the period annual report is prepared, but not less than 1000 PLN
13 Гploading annual financial statements to S24 500
14 Making a statement (eg PIT) for an employee per year 200
15 Obtaining Pesel or ePUAP
16 Obtaining EORI
17 Preparation of Tax Declaration PIT 250
18 Other – 1 hour of manager’s work 250
19 Transfer Płatnika or Rewizora GT database upon request of the customer 500
20 Generating and delivery of OSS declaration 400
Work persmission for foreigner in Poland – service for companies only
1 Work permission for foreigner (Selected countries: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine)
2 Certificate A1 for foreigners 600
3 Work permission for foreigner type A (for our permanent customers) 1300
3 Work permission for foreigner (Other countries) 1700
Incorporation in Poland and other countries
1 Opening of a company in Poland by an electronic signature for residents (for non-residents 799 euro)*
*The price applies for registration with two shareholders. When there are more than two – additional charges apply. The price is indicated according to the exchange rate from 05/10/2023. The price is obligatory from 06.10.2023 according to the Promotion “Open a company at a discount”. Regulations below.
1 Opening of a company in Poland in 24H by an electronic signature (1200 euro)**

**24H from the moment of making the payment. The price includes: obtaining a PESEL number, making an electronic signature, preparing and submitting documents to the KRS(National Court Register). The shareholder / s must be located in the territory of the Republic of Poland. The KRS  registers the company in the state register.

2 Opening a company in Ukraine To agree
3 Support in  one person company registration 500
4 Opening a bank account in Poland for legal entities 2000
5 Personal assistance while opening the bank account the hourly fee
6 Suspension of the company from 600
7 Winding up a company from 5000
Other services
1 Preparation of the presentation and sale offer from 2000
2 Organization of meetings with contractors, min. 3 from 3000
3 Acquiring financing at the bank 1200  + commission
4 Postal costs Costs refundment
5 Other documents from 200
6 Financial consultancy To agree
7 Other services in the field of company management To agree
8 Registration of ultimate beneficiary in Ministry of Finance 400
9 Obtaining a Vander Elst visa(+ consular fee 75 euro) 700
10 Google virtual visit card 500
10 Request for translation 100
1 License for Work Agency and registration in state register KRAZ (in case of 2 licenses cost is 800 PLN)
2 License for international transport (LR1) 1000

Attention! As part of permanent service, selected services are cheaper

Price list for Progress Holding Services 2019

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