PRS – new document submission system

On July 1, 2021, Poland launched the PRS (Court Register/Records Portal) – an information system of the Ministry of Justice to provide court register services to corporates.

PRS is a quick connection to the National Court Register (KRS). With the help of the PRS portal, it is now possible to avoid endless queues for submission of documents to registration courts in post offices. It will also shorten the time of the company registration process. The solutions offered by PRS allow you to efficiently register legal entities in the National Court Register and make changes connected to the company data. You no longer need to check a paper form and add entire attachment files to it. Anyone who has filled out the classic form at least once knows that it is very easy to make a mistake, and for instance put a tick in a box that does not need to be ticked. There were situations when the National Court Register rejected the application because the applicant had attached too many documents. Now the submission will be possible even without filling in all the  required fields. Consequently, the consideration of a case in the National Court Register should be much easier, and most importantly, much faster.

IMPORTANT! The introduction of the new system means that the previously existing option of entering an entry into the register manually and on paper will be disabled, we will no longer be able to send these forms with an application for entry into the National Court Register.


Who should register with PRS


All entities conducting economic and entrepreneurial activities must be registered.

For other organizations, such as associations or foundations that do not conduct business, PRS is optional.
PRS – new document submission system

How does PRS work?


In order to start working in this system, you need to create an account. This is a typical form of registration of a new user on the Internet portal with a login and password. After registering, you choose the option that you need – for example, registering a legal entity, or registering and creating an application for changing the data of a legal entity, etc.

The portal is intuitive. On the right, you will see the tabs that have already been completed, and which windows have yet to be filled in – if we forget to specify something, it will be simply impossible to submit an application. You need to be careful with your attachments. The portal will not remind you that the necessary resolutions are not attached.

After filling in all the required fields, go to the signature – this can be signed, for example, through a trusted profile. Then you have to make a payment, using BLIK or a traditional bank transfer. Before submitting an application, you can double check it. If the application is filled in correctly, click “send application”. After that, we receive a notification that the application was submitted correctly, and after a moment we receive information that it was registered in the KRS system. Now all that is required is to wait for the application to be processed.

For the convenience of users, the PRS portal contains information with thematic instructions in the form of PDF documents (follow the link)


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