Activity Report on the WSE in 01 2016

The report was supplemented with information from the Catalyst market
Since 2016 the report added information about the most liquid bonds on the Catalyst market as an alternative to investment in shares. Information shows the levels of profitability of most liquid corporate bonds and liquid volume of their turnover.

Best Practice for WSE Listed Companies 2016
Having regard to the adopted by the Board in October 2015 the collection of Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies, Stock Exchange presented to market participants, a manual on the Best Practices of WSE Listed Companies 2016 by Andrew S. Nartowski.
The total value of trading in shares on the Main Market in January 2016 14,4 amounted to PLN billion, a decrease of 22,8% compared to January 2015 year.
The total value of trading on the NewConnect market in January 2016 107,1 amounted to PLN, which means a decrease of 22,3% year on year. The average daily trading value amounted to PLN 5,3. Większoś indexów Stock Exchange in January increased.

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