Registration of a company through S24 and notarized - what to choose

Registration of a company through S24 and notarized – what to choose

Sometimes we are faced with a dilemma which way to go in choosing the method of registering a company. Will it be better to register online via the S24 system or is it better to go to a notary public. In this short article, we will try to dispel these doubts.

Company registration via the S24 system:

  • Intended for people who cannot appear in person to sign the necessary documents
  • Simplified documents and their preparation time
  • Fast registration process
  • Lower price than preparation of notarized documents
  • Automatic registration of the company in the National Court Register
  • A qualified signature or a trusted e-PUAP profile is required to sign documents
  • In the case of unfamiliarity with the Polish language (only this language is used in the system), the company may be established only by an intermediary, a contractor. A person who does not know the language will not be able to handle it.

Registration of the company by notary:

  • Considerable price and longer preparatory procedure
  • The company must then be separately registered with the National Court Register
  • The possibility of establishing a company by granting a power of attorney (must be provided in the original)
  • In the absence of a power of attorney, signatories must appear in person at the notary
  • Required to present a document with a PESEL number or passport (in the case of a power of attorney – providing copies of these documents certified by a notary)

These are the most important differences between the two methods of company registration that you should know about before deciding on the choice of method. If you have any questions, please contact us at: or for more information on company registration:

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