Residence permit in Poland

Residence permit in Poland or permission for residence for a limited period of time is a temporary residence permit entitling a foreign citizen to reside and work in Poland depending on the validity of the permit (the permit can be issued for a period of 3 months to 3 years, and the permit issued may be extended upon expiration). We would like to note that in Poland the procedure for obtaining a residence permit is relatively simple, in contrast to other EU countries. Therefore, if you decide to take the first step to citizenship in a European country and get unlimited movement in the Schengen area, officially get a job or open your own business and company, feel free to proceed with obtaining a residence permit in this country. Below we will consider some features and procedures necessary for this.

The official grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Poland:

  • own business or entrepreneurial activity
  • employment on the basis of a long-term labor contract
  • studies at a university
  • marriage with a citizen of Poland
  • family reunion (if one of the spouses is in permanent residence status)
  • victims of trafficking

Documents required for obtaining a residence permit:

It should be noted that this list may vary depending on the basis on which documents you submit – work, study, family reunion, etc. You can always find the current list of documents on the official website –

Regardless of the reason, the following documents are submitted:

  • a completed application for a residence permit, filled in duplicate
  • 4 photos taken no later than 6 months at the time of filing, size 3.5 cm-4.5 cm. (Can be done on the spot, price 20-25 PLN)
  • passport – the original and copies of all pages in 2 copies (can be made on the spot)
  • receipt (check) of payment of the fee for the consideration of all documents – 440 PLN
  • medical insurance (if you have a work contract, an extract is provided by the employer). Compulsory insurance in Poland
  • confirmation of the availability of a regular and sufficient source of income (800 PLN for each family member – 2020). You can provide a bank statement.

Additionally, you should be prepared for the following requirements:

  • rental agreement (for students – confirmation from the administration of the hostel)
  • registration – the address that will be indicated on the back of your Card at the place of residence.
  • for students – confirmation of admission to an educational institution (admission certificate)
  • family reunion – a copy of the Card to the spouse’s place of residence and marriage certificate)

Upon obtaining a residence permit on the basis of employment, it will be necessary to provide the following confirmations:

  • an invitation from the employer, on the basis of which you have a semi-annual work visa
  • an employment or employment contract where the amount of wages should be prescribed

ATTENTION! All documents must be presented in Polish in originals or photocopies with originals for verification. For documents in a foreign language, translations into Polish made by a Polish sworn translator must be prepared!

Registration of residence permit

If you have prepared a full package of documents, you need to come to the Department for Work with Foreigners of the Voivodship Office, immediately pay a fee of 440 PLN and contact one of the specialists of the department.

After checking the documents and the absence of comments to them, the employee gives you a certificate confirming that the documents have been accepted and are in work. With this certificate you can legally stay in Poland even if your visa has expired.

The time for consideration of documents can take from 2 to several months.

Within 7 to 14 days from the date of application, you should receive an official letter stating that your documents have been accepted for work. The letter will indicate the name and surname of the employee conducting your business with all the necessary contact information.

If the outcome is positive, you will receive another official letter of invitation to sign the decision.

ATTENTION! If you were denied the application for a residence permit, you can write a statement on the refund of the fee in 440 PLN.

Getting a residence permit

The document for obtaining a residence permit is a plastic card – a biometric document of the European sample. It performs the following functions:

  • certifies the identity of a foreigner
  • indicates and confirms validity
  • gives the right to freely enter and live (not to work!) in the Schengen countries for 90 days in half a year
  • gives the right to purchase movable and immovable property

As we wrote above, if your request is reviewed successfully, you will have to come to the department where you submitted the documents, pay a fee of 50 PLN for making a plastic card and pass fingerprints for biometrics. From this moment, the process of manufacturing the card itself starts. It can last from 2 weeks to a month.

If you need help in obtaining a residence permit or if you have additional questions on paperwork, write to us, we will always be happy to help you:

Residence permit in Poland

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