Shield 6.0 published in the Journal of Laws

The act aims to provide support to entrepreneurs operating in industries that have found themselves in a difficult situation in connection with the currently introduced restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Exemptions from the Social Insurance Institution, parking benefits (about PLN 2,000 per month), the so-called small subsidies of 5,000 PLN or co-financing of jobs from the Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund in the amount of 2 thousand PLN. They include both persons employed under an employment contract and persons employed under a mandate contract, but the order on which social security contributions are paid.

The following industries will be able to apply for support:

  • gastronomic
  • cultural and entertainment (stage, market, photography, film, museum)
  • sports (fitness, gyms, recreation, swimming pools, spas)
  • retail sales (markets, bazaars)
  • tourist
  • transport (coach companies, taxi drivers)
  • educational,
  • catering
  • laundries
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Shield 6.0