Subcontracting in Ukraine, selection of subcontractors in Ukraine

Producing in Ukraine is profitable! If we talk about Ukraine’s agricultural enterprises and also industrial production, we can see that they have a number of significant advantages – high technological knowledgeof the employees, cheap energy resources and inexpensive labor, if these advantages are available, your products can be very competitive. To attract specialists and partners in different business sectors subcontracts will help you.

There are three common ways to obtain subcontracting:

  1. Tender. We help your company to conduct selection of performers through the announcement of a tender. In the conditions the list of works, performance, deadlines for delivery of works, indicative payment, etc. is described. The organization that is most suitable for the declared conditions wins the tender, has enough qualified personnel, which guarantees the quality.
  2. Obtaining subcontract on the spot. It happens that the general contractor is looking for a subcontract, and in this case it is possible to obtain a subcontract order directly on the spot. Also, it is not uncommon for small-scale work to remain outside the scope of subcontract agreements, and this is also an opportunity to find work in a large order.
  3. Work for a subcontractor. Since business always strives for optimization, it is often the customer – the contractor – the subcontractor – these are the links of one holding company, a group of companies, and so on. So it turns out that taking an order from a subcontractor, in fact, you perform work for the customer. The main organization is simply an intermediary.


While doing your professional work, you should think about new opportunities for expanding your business or launching your project, subcontractors are people or organizations making a step towards new opportunities.

We will help you in the search and selection of subcontractors

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