What we offer?

The concept of increasing the value of the Company is presented in two ways depending on the needs of the Company. The first alternative is introducing Progress Holding as a new shareholder, which increases the capital of the Company, and later the institutional investors are selected. Second option provides Progress Holding participation in the process of increasing the capitalization of the Company on an equal footing with other investors.

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Variant I

Progress Holding Sp. z o.o. as a new shareholder and adviser

Variant II

Progress Holding Sp. z o.o. acts as a Financial Advisor

The level of financing up to PLN 200,000 PLN The level of financing between 1 and 4 million PLN
1. Progress Holding increases the capital of the Company as a new shareholder 1. Conclusion of a cooperation agreement on a commercial basis
2. Creating a strategy (consisting of several stages, the strategy contains goals, sources of finances, the way to achieve them) 2. Creating a strategy (several stages of the strategy, goals, sources of finance, the way to achieve them)
3. Valuation of the Company with the DCF and comparative method 3. Preparing the company for issuing shares and entering NewConnect
4. Transformation of the company into S.A. if it did not happen before. 4. Acquisition of financing from investors
5. The process of acquiring institutional investors 5. Debut
6. Preparation of the company for issue of shares and entry on NewConnect
7. Preferred branches: Internet, telecommunications (only commercialized projects)
1. A quick increase in capital 1. A faster way to raise the target capital, make the company public
2. More time to increase the capitalization of the company, which in the future will allow its higher valuation 2. A wider group of investors
3. The implementation of the first strategy will positively affect the company’s valuation 3. Creating history on the stock market
4. Creating a history 4. Acquiring more capital
5. Presence of an institutional investor 5. Faster use of the advantages of being a public company (greater credibility towards banks and other financial institutions, promotion and recognition of the company, excellent company exposure to investors)
6. Lower price for PH services 6. PH services under market conditions

What are we looking for?

The role of Progress Holding Sp. z o.o., is to prepare the Company to obtain financing from institutional or private investors. Progress Holding participates in their own means in financing the project, we are looking for innovative projects with high growth potential. The process of preparing the entity takes into account: preparation strategies, investment plans, analysis and valuation of the Company, and the formal and legal changes so that financial investors will be willing to take investment decisions. A process consists of multiple areas, and its most important points is the construction of the strategy and the financial plan, which realization will increase the Company’s value. Qualification process is based on the Progress Holding Sp z o.o. forms, which we send to customers.

The conditions of our participation in the process of increasing the value of the company are the following:

  • The company executives still manages their company
  • There is no significant changes in the composition of shareholders / stakeholders / partners
  • The strategy is being implemented
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