Benefits for refugees from Ukraine

Benefits for refugees from Ukraine

Most of the people fleeing the war in Ukraine to Poland are women with children, who may have problems with finding a full-time job and supporting their family. For this reason, the most important benefits for refugees from Ukraine include family benefits covering basic financial needs. They will be granted to Ukrainians on the same terms as Polish citizens, but they will be granted mainly to refugees who entered Poland legally from February 24, 2022.

Here are the benefits for Ukrainians under the resulting benefits:

  • Family allowance

Family allowance is granted for a child in the amount of PLN 95 to 135 per month, depending on the child’s age. You can apply for it if the monthly income per household member does not exceed PLN 674 or PLN 764, if there is a disabled child in the family.

  • Care benefits

Belong to them:

  1. Care allowance – it amounts to PLN 215.84 per month and is payable to people caring for a disabled family member.
  2. Nursing benefit – amounts to PLN 2,119 per month and is due to the closest family member of a person requiring care due to a disability, who had to resign from work in order to provide such care.
  3. Special care allowance – it amounts to PLN 620 per month and is available to persons who are unable to take work to care for a disabled family member and meet the income criterion.
  • Parental benefit

It is a benefit paid after the birth of the baby to the mother or father for a period of 52 to 71 weeks. It amounts to PLN 1,000 per month.

  • Family Welfare Capital for Ukrainians

It is due to Ukrainians who live in Poland with their children. The amount of the allowance may amount to PLN 12,000 (spread out periodically) per child and may be applied for by the parents of the second and subsequent children aged 12-35 months.

  • “Good Start” benefit

Dobry Start is a benefit paid every year to parents of school-age children to help prepare their child for school. PLN 300 is allocated for this purpose for each child up to 20 years of age if they attend school.

  • One-off cash benefit for food, clothing or housing

It is a one-time payment of PLN 300. Every family member is entitled to it.

  • Co-financing of housing in Poland for Ukrainians

From March 16, every Polish citizen who took in and provided a refugee from Ukraine may apply for a reimbursement of the costs incurred in this respect in the amount of PLN 40 per day for each person. Importantly, the co-financing of housing for Ukrainians will be granted retrospectively for the period of the actual stay of refugees in the home of the person providing the apartment. The subsidies can be used for 2 months, i.e. until mid-May 2022.

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