Anti-crisis shield 4.0 - what's new for companies?

Soon, the next edition of the anti-crisis shield will come into force. Here are the most important changes and opportunities it will bring for entrepreneurs:

• Subsidies for interest rates on loans for companies in difficulty. These are loans granted by banks to provide financial liquidity to entrepreneurs. Pursuant to the Act, loan agreements with an additional payment may be concluded until December 31, 2020. Approximately 570 million PLN will be allocated for additional payments. The subsidies are to be paid by BGK from the Interest Subsidies Fund.
• Assistance in the form of subsidies to interest on loans is provided for. They will be able to be combined with e.g. de minimis help or guarantees.
• Regulations on credit holidays will also be introduced. It will be possible to suspend loan repayment for a maximum of three months. It will also apply to people who lost their jobs or main source of income after March 13, 2020.
• Shield 4.0 will also allow – with the consent of the entrepreneur – to carry out self-control, e.g. fiscal, remotely via e-mail or by means of electronic communication, if this can improve the conduct of control or the nature of the business conducted by the entrepreneur.

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Anti-crisis shield 4.0

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