Trends in the first year 2017 kawartale

Forecasting is risky for and thankless task. We would like to share some insights on the market trends that we see in the first quarter 2017 year.
In Poland, further legislative initiatives will be introduced aimed at tax collection and greater initiatives to activate the economy. As these actions are carried out quickly and without the support of many circles, it will have to wait for the results.
The price of shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange will be affected by the economic decisions of the government and the general climate of the world’s leading stock exchanges. There will be work opportunities, but the risk will increase.
The international situation will contribute to instability in exchange rates, especially the first statements and decisions of the US president.
We 2017 change the format of our monthly report, so that it is more profitable for our customers.
In this environment you a lot of useful health and prosperity in business.


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