Contract of sale and purchase between companies

Contract of sale and purchase between companies

Running a business involves frequent signing of contracts with various companies. Most often it concerns the sale of goods. What should a contract of sale and purchase between companies look like? What elements should it contain? Can you withdraw from it? In the article below, we will try to answer these issues.

What should a purchase contract contain?

  • Date and place of signing the contract and identification of the parties in the contract.
  • Data such as the name of the company, the address of its registered office, tax identification number and the name of the representative must be provided. The subject of sale must be specified.
  • The entrepreneur may establish general terms and conditions of sale that apply to all contracts concluded between him and other business owners.
  • Price – set in monetary units, as well as the form of payment – in cash or by bank transfer.
  • Deadline for payment and performance of the subject of the contract.
  • The guarantee should be contractual and voluntary. The opposite is the warranty that results from the provisions of law.
  • Signatures of both parties concluding the contract

The entrepreneur operates on the principle of freedom of contract. In the case of contracts between entrepreneurs, both parties act as equals and can shape their cooperation freely. It is important to include all relevant issues when drawing up the purchase contract, because the trader is not subject to special legal protection, as is the case with a consumer. The owner of the company may conclude contracts in an oral, electronic, written form, as well as in the form of a notarial deed. The sales contract is governed by the Civil Code.

Purchase and sale agreement and constant cooperation between enterprises

When companies work together for a long time and there are constant purchase and sale transactions between them, they do not have to conclude the same contract in paper form many times. This is especially true when goods are sold. They are often routine contracts for the delivery of various goods. Under the law, the will to conclude a contract is sufficient. In the light of the law, such an agreement is considered to be concluded implicitly. This solution has a positive effect on the work of the company, because thanks to this, there is no downtime in the company’s production activity.

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