Bookkeeping service for LLC

We execute accounting services for foreign companies.

Bookkeeping and accounting are our domain.

We have been providing accounting services to foreigners for more than 20 years. Accounting services for companies are our main task, which is why we assign you a Personal Account Manager who deals with all matters covered by our contract and an accountant. In order to provide effective accounting services, we provide you with a program for managing company documentation, including invoices, payments, bank statements, HR and payroll matters, KSEF compliant, and a list to do with calendar. At the beginning of accounting cooperation with the company, we conduct training for the company’s employees, informing them about their duties, providing documents, and sending instructions. Our standard services include:

Accounting services

a) assignment and executing bookkeeping entries.
b) sending VAT and other tax returns
c) keeping accounting registers.
d) dealing with tax offices and participating in inspections on behalf of the company.
e) accounting and tax advice

HR and payroll services

a) preparing payrolls, calculating tax advances;
b) sending declarations to ZUS and the tax office;
c) reporting and deregistering employees to ZUS
d) preparing employees’ annual settlements PIT-11
e) handling HR matters as a separate service.

Document flow

Document flow is electronic, no paper form is required. A detailed description of document circulation is described in the contract.

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