Obtaining EORI

For exporters and importers of goods submission for EORI.


Obtaining an EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number involves registering in an identification system that allows for the unique identification of economic entities participating in international trade. The EORI number is essential for conducting the import and export of goods between European Union member states and for completing various customs formalities.


General steps

Here are the general steps typically taken to obtain an EORI number:

  1. Completing the registration application: Submitting a registration application that includes basic information about your company, its structure, activities, and contact details.
  2. Undergoing the verification process: The application and provided documents undergo a verification process. In some cases, this may also include checking the financial credibility of the company.
  3. Allocation of the EORI number: Upon completion of the verification process and meeting all requirements, you will be assigned an EORI number, which will uniquely identify your company in international trade transactions.


The EORI number

The EORI number is crucial for businesses engaged in international trade, facilitating smooth and legally compliant customs operations. It’s worth noting that the procedures for obtaining an EORI number may vary slightly depending on the country.