HR and Paroll in Poland

Providing payroll and HR service for customer employees.

Payroll services

Progress Holding provides payroll services for each company. First, we train the company’s employees on the duties of completing documents, obtaining medical and health and safety certificates, and send instructions.

The scope of payroll services

The scope of payroll services includes:

1. preparing payrolls, calculating tax advances;
2. including sick leave in the settlement of remuneration and ZUS
3. sending declarations to ZUS and the tax office;
4. registering and deregistering employees and family members with ZUS
5. preparing employees’ annual settlements PIT-11
6. handling HR matters is a separate service.
7. issuing and sending employment certificates,
8. issuing certificates of employment and earnings

HR services

HR services are separately agreed between Progress Holding and the company. HR services for companies include:
1. Maintaining employee files
2. Recording holidays
3. Preparation of contracts and their termination
4. Obtaining work permits for foreigners
5. Preparation and settlement of delegations