Bookkeeping service without activity

Service for companies, LLC not conducting any business activities.


Handling the accounting of a limited liability company (LLC) without operations refers to managing the accounting for a company that does not conduct ongoing business or commercial operations during a given accounting period. Although the company may not have operational activities, there is still a need to maintain proper accounting and meet tax and reporting requirements.
Below are key elements of accounting services for a limited liability company without operations

Bank Account Reconciliations

The accountant must monitor the company’s bank accounts, even if there are no regular transactions. It is necessary to record any bank fees or interest.

Communications with Tax Authorities

Even though the company is not engaged in commercial operations, there may be certain tax formalities, such as filing tax declarations, reporting changes to the commercial register, etc.

Preparation and Submission of Tax Declarations

Even if the company does not generate revenue, there may be obligations related to tax declarations, especially in the area of property tax or other local taxes.

Financial Reporting

Even if there are no ongoing operations, the company may be required to prepare and submit financial reports within specified deadlines.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

The accountant must track changes in tax and accounting regulations to ensure that the company remains compliant with applicable laws.


While the company is not conducting ongoing operations, it is still important to maintain meticulous accounting to meet legal requirements, avoid potential tax issues, and maintain the financial clarity of the company. In practice, many businesses opt to use the services of an accounting firm to benefit from professional accounting support.