Preparation of Tax Declaration PIT

We prepare declaration for the employee on your behalf remotely.

The preparation of the annual PIT (Personal Income Tax) declaration a client

The preparation of the annual PIT (Personal Income Tax) declaration a client – PH does not provide service on permanent basis – involves creating a tax document that includes information about the employee’s income, deductions, tax credits, and any other tax-related matters associated with their earnings. Below, I present the main steps related to the process of preparing the annual PIT declaration for an employee

Gathering Information

The first step is to collect all necessary information regarding the employee’s income for the given tax year. This includes wages, income from other sources, deductions, tax credits, and any other gains and losses for tax purposes.

Income Documents

Compile the necessary income documents, such as earnings certificates (e.g., PIT-11), information about income from other sources, documents confirming tax deductions, etc.

Determining the Type of Declaration

Depending on the employee’s financial situation and sources of income, it may be necessary to determine the type of PIT declaration, such as PIT-37, PIT-36, PIT-38.

Tax Calculations

Perform tax calculations, taking into account all possible deductions.

Completing the PIT Form

Fill out the appropriate PIT form according to the collected information and tax calculations.

Signing and Submitting the Declaration

Have the completed PIT form signed by the employee and submit it to the relevant tax office.


The preparation of the annual PIT declaration is a process that requires precision and an understanding of the applicable tax regulations. In many cases, employees seek the services of accountants or tax advisors to ensure that the declaration is correctly prepared and compliant with current regulations.