Services for individuals


Services for individuals mainly include obtaining an identification number, an electronic signature, or preparing necessary documents in accordance with Polish law.

The most common services are:


1.      Preparing a declaration (e.g., income tax return) – the service relates to preparing an annual tax return.

2.      Obtaining a PESEL or ePUAP – the service involves obtaining an identification number and electronic signature. These documents are necessary for establishing a company in Poland. In most Polish offices, presenting your identification document is required. An electronic signature is convenient for obtaining services remotely from Polish offices.

3.      Preparing a personal income tax declaration (PIT) – the service involves preparing a tax declaration used for annual tax settlement.

4.      Certificates of no arrears in taxes from the Tax Office or Social Security Institution (ZUS) for individuals, CFR, KRK – the service covers obtaining certificates from offices.

5.      Support in opening a bank account for individuals – the service covers choosing a bank, gathering documents, and accompanying the individual to the bank during the account opening process.