Uploading annual financial statements to KRS system S24

For uploading annual financial statements to KRS system S24.

Uploading the annual financial report to the KRS S24 system refers to the electronic procedure of submitting the financial report by a company to the National Court Register (KRS) using the KRS S24 online platform. Below is a brief description of this process:

  1. Logging into the KRS S24 system:

The company must log in to the KRS S24 system using an individual user account.

  1. Preparation of financial documents:

The financial report to be submitted should be prepared in advance in accordance with applicable legal regulations and accounting standards.

  1. Uploading files:

This process involves electronically submitting files containing the annual financial report. These files should comply with the format accepted by the KRS S24 system.

  1. Verification of the correctness of the submission:

The KRS S24 system can automatically check the compliance of the submitted documents with formal requirements. In case of errors, the user may be prompted to correct them.

  1. Confirmation of submission:

After successfully submitting the documents and their acceptance by the system, the company receives an electronic confirmation, indicating the submission of the annual financial report to the KRS.

Submitting the annual financial report through the KRS S24 system allows companies to file documents electronically, which is often a legal requirement and enables faster and more convenient administrative processes. It is important to check the current requirements and procedures before submitting the financial report.