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Work permit type A in Poland

A type A work permit in Poland is a document that allows an employee from a non-European Union country to legally work in Poland. The procedure for obtaining this permit involves several steps, which can be summarized as follows

Identifying the Need for a Permit

The employer or employee should check whether the situation requires obtaining a type A work permit. In Poland, there are several categories of work permits, and type A applies to employees whose employment is associated with a specific employer and workplace.

Commencing Work with the Employer

The employee must have a work contract confirming employment, which should include all relevant information regarding the terms of employment.

Submitting the Permit Application

After starting work and having a work contract, the employer submits an application for a type A work permit to the relevant provincial office in Poland. The application should be submitted before the commencement of work.

Supporting Documents for the Application

The application should include a complete set of supporting documents, such as a passport, a copy of the employment contract, proof of registration, professional qualifications, etc. All documents should be translated into Polish by a sworn translator.

Payment of Treasury Fee

The procedure for obtaining the permit also involves paying a treasury fee of PLN 100.

Review of the Application

Applications are reviewed by the relevant provincial offices. This procedure may take several months

Receipt of the Permit

After a positive review of the application, the employee receives a type A work permit. This permit is usually valid for a specified period and is associated with a specific employer.

Commencing Work

Upon receiving the permit, the employee can commence legal work in Poland in accordance with the employment contract and the conditions specified in the type A work permit.