Accounting services in Poland

Currently, there are thousands of accounting and accounting companies on the Polish market, a service that every company must use regardless of size or income. This is necessary for the company to function well.

Accounting services include:

• Keeping commercial and accounting books
• Warehouse records and fixed assets records
• Preparation of annual financial statements
• Preparation of tax returns and social security declarations
• HR and payroll services
• Removing tax and accounting arrears
• Supervision of books kept by clients on their own
• Representing the Principal before public law bodies

Accounting services in Poland are divided into two types, depending on the company’s needs and the amount of earnings. There are full or simplified accounting here.

Simplified accounting

This accounting can be used by natural persons conducting business activity, by civil law partnerships of natural persons, partnerships of natural persons and partner companies. However, it is stipulated that net revenues from sales of goods, products and financial operations of the company for the previous tax year were not greater than 2 million EUR in the Polish currency.

Simplified accounting can appear in 3 different forms:

• Tax card: involves paying a fixed, fixed amount each month. Its amount depends on the number of employees and type of activity.
• Registered lump sum: consists of paying a specific rate depending on the amount of income. The flat rates are much lower than normal tax rates, however the payment is based on the volume of sales. The company’s profit is not important here.
• Revenue and expense books: the simple and most popular method of calculating tax, consisting of adding revenues and expenses in a special book and paying the tax on the difference. A big plus here is the lack of obligation to pay when no profit has been made.

Full accountancy

Here, we are dealing with a more formal and extensive record system for accurate analysis and control of the company’s financial situation.

Full accounting uses a double system, literally every amount flowing through the company is recorded. These include cash receipts, bank transfers, loans, payments for goods / services, etc. Non-cash transactions are also recorded that may affect financial results.
Full accounting must be kept by companies, including limited liability companies, joint-stock companies and capital companies (regardless of the form of their business), which generated revenues for the previous year in the amount of at least EUR 2 million in the Polish currency.

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Accounting services in Poland

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