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Progress Holding - business support

It often happens that in cooperation with the client there are cases that do not directly connect to our contract or the scope of works agreed in advance. In such cases, we try our best to help and solve the problems.
This is especially true for foreign clients. We help you as much as we can. We meet guests at the airport, we receive documents, we send a list of universities in which we can continue to study, prepare and submit applications for a work permit. We try to do preliminary research for the client, examine the potential of his chosen goal, to check if it is profitable for him. To provide services at the highest level we also contact experts in other fields, we want to look at the matter from every possible side.
In each case, we are guided by applicable law.

We share with our clients market news and business case analises, infor uour clients about new law introduction, please check our News tab.


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