Support for companies from EU funds

By the end of 2020, European funds will join the benefits of the anti-crisis and financial shield implemented from the Polish budget. The Fund’s Antivirus Package is a package of proposals from EU funds for entrepreneurs affected by a pandemic.

The Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy has announced a support program for companies that will enable the acquisition of working capital. The condition for obtaining it is that the expenses relate to the company’s current operations (current expenses not related to investments).

Subsidies from the Intelligent Development (SG OP) program were prepared for medium-sized companies. This support from European Funds is addressed to entrepreneurs who are struggling with the effects of a pandemic in their current business operations and have difficulty maintaining financial liquidity (2 billion PLN). Support from working capital subsidies can be combined with support with liquidity loans also available at SG OP.

Assistance from regional operational programs was proposed for micro and small companies. At least 500 million PLN has been allocated for this purpose. Financial support will be granted on the basis of know-how prepared by MFiPR and will be settled on the basis of simplified methods of expenditure settlement. Importantly, sole proprietorships will also be able to benefit from support. Recruitment in individual programs will be launched in early June.

Support for companies from EU funds

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