Ilness allowance in Poland

In Poland, a ilness leave or a certificate of incapacity for work due to illness is called a ilness leave or L4 for short.

Not all categories of workers are eligible for ilness leave. Everything will depend on the type of employment contract that the employee has signed with the employer. We guarantee that only employees with health insurance will be able to obtain this certificate.

Let’s look at what types of contracts provide for sick leave in more detail:

Contract of employment

This contract provides for compulsory health insurance with monthly payment of appropriate premiums. When working under this contract, the employee is guaranteed to receive a medical certificate in the event of illness, on the basis of which he is paid compensation from the employer or the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

This certificate will also be treated as a legal basis to prevent the employee from showing up at the workplace on the date prescribed by the doctor, without negative consequences.

IMPORTANT! In the entire calendar year, the employer pays the employee only 33 ilness days, over 33 days – the payment is made by ZUS. Another important point – if the employee is over 50, the employer in this case pays only 14 ilness days, over 14 days – pays ZUS.

Contract of mandate

In this case, the situation with ilness leave will be more complicated. With this form of contract (it only provides for the payment of wages for the amount of work performed or the number of hours worked), if the employee is ill and does not work, no payments are provided for in this case.

IMPORTANT! Thanks to this form of contract, the employee can independently decide on health insurance at his own expense, by submitting an application to the employer for appropriate registration with the Social Insurance Institution. In this case, contributions will be paid from the employee’s salary. In order to be compensated, contributions must be paid regularly for at least three months without interruption. Payments for ilness leave will be paid by ZUS.

By the 15th of each month, all contributions must be paid by the employee or the employer.

Employment contract (Contract for specific work)

This agreement does not provide for the payment of contributions in the event of incapacity for work due to illness.


How to get ilness allowance in Poland

In order to obtain a ilness leave, in the event of health problems, the employee must visit a doctor who has a signed contract with ZUS on the same day. This applies to both general practitioners and specialist doctors.

After the doctor assesses the patient’s condition, he will write a ilness leave from work for a specified period of time. This waiver can be extended if necessary for future visits.

During the visit to the doctor, the employee will have to provide information about the employing company – name and tax identification number.

After visiting the doctor, the employee will have to notify the employer of the reason for his absence. This can be done in person or by phone.


How much can an employee receive in Poland during illness

In Poland, work experience does not affect the amount of financial compensation for the time of illness. The amount of this compensation will depend on the cause of the incapacity for work and will be calculated as a percentage of the employee’s salary:

  • In the case of an infectious disease and in the case of quarantine – 80%
  • Pregnant – 100%
  • In the event of an accident on the way to the workplace – 100%
  • Sick leave for donors – 100%.

The form of calculating the payment of sick leave in Poland – remuneration for the last year of work should be divided by 365. For each calendar day on ilness leave, a person receives 80-100% of the resulting average daily remuneration.


Time spent on ilness leave in Poland

The maximum length of stay on ilness leave with payment in Poland is 182 days in a calendar year. If a person has not recovered, they may apply to ZUS for rehabilitation benefits. This benefit may be paid for a maximum of 12 months.

IMPORTANT! In Poland, disability certificates are issued only in electronic form. Therefore, all information from the attending physician is immediately sent to the employer and ZUS.

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Ilness allowance in Poland

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