Application in the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries

July 13th is the deadline for applications to the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries. The application consists of 4 stages. Providing the NIP number and the form of the company, selecting / generating the application, filling in the form and signature. The application allows you to sign the application with a qualified signature and a profile trusted by ePUAP.

Below are the data required in the form:

Section A1:
NIP, KRS, company name and form of activity
Section A2:
Current office address
Section B1:
Identification data of the beneficiary / representative – name, surname, address, PESEL, citizenship
Section B2:
Information on the beneficiary’s shares or rights / information on representation

The whole process ends with a liability clause, signature and sending the application.

Important! To approve and send the application, you need a profile on ePUAP, giving you the opportunity to confirm the document with a trusted profile (to submit it you need a PESEL number – personal identification number) or a qualified signature. Not meeting these conditions will not be able to send the application.

Application in the Central Register of Real Beneficiaries

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