Changes in the register of companies KRS

Performing remote changes data in KRS – without client presence.

Changes in the register

For 20 years, Progress Holding has been effectively and professionally handling changes to the National Court Register in the Ministry of Justice’s KRS S24 and PRS systems.

Our Procedure

1. We carefully analyze the client’s order
2. We define the order execution method and our terms, issue an invoice and receive payment,
3. We prepare the documents and send them to the court.

What changes in the National Court Register KRS occur most often?

1. Changes to the business activity profile by changing the main PKD code
2. expanding the scope of activity by adding appropriate PKD codes
3. change of owners of the company resulting from the sale of shares by one or more partners
4. change of the management board resulting from the dismissal or resignation of the president or member of the management board
5. change of the management board related to the appointment of a new president or member of the management board,
6. changes in the method of representing the company,
7. change related to the appointment or change of a proxy,
8. change of the company’s address
9. changes related to the increase in share capital,
10. increasing the nominal value of existing shares by purchasing them by a shareholder at a price higher than the nominal value