Correction of VAT and CIT declarations

We support you in preparation or correction of declarations.

Preparing or amending VAT or CIT

(Corporate Income Tax) declarations involves making appropriate corrections or additions to previously submitted tax declarations that have already been submitted to the tax authorities. This process is significant in situations where, after the submission of the initial declaration, there are changes in the financial data of the company that affect the amount of tax to be paid or refunded.
Here are several key points regarding the preparation or correction of VAT or CIT declarations:

Errors in the original declaration

If a taxpayer notices errors, omissions, or other inaccuracies in the submitted declaration, it is necessary to correct them.

Changes in financial data

In the case of changes in the financial situation of the company, such as new transactions, corrections to invoices, or other events affecting the tax calculation, it is necessary to adjust the tax declaration.

Correction deadlines

There are specific deadlines during which corrections to declarations can be made. It is important to submit corrections before the expiration of the statute of limitations for a given tax year.

Procedures related to correction

Procedures related to the correction of declarations vary depending on the country and its tax regulations. In many cases, the submission of appropriate forms or informational documents is required.

Preparing a new declaration

In case of errors, there is the possibility of preparing a new declaration with corrected data, replacing the previous one.

VAT and CIT declarations

VAT is a tax on the sale of goods and services, while CIT pertains to the taxation of corporate income. Corrections may involve both, depending on the nature of the errors or changes in data.

It is important

for a company or the individual responsible for tax matters to operate in accordance with the regulations and procedures applicable in a given country. In case of doubts or the need for professional assistance, consulting with an accountant or tax advisor is recommended.