Company permission for foreign workers


We are offering work permit service only for companies, not for individuals. So if you want work permit service you have to have a company or represent the company. Progress Holding is not a recruiting/work agency, but we facilitate companies to get work permit for its employees in Poland by means to ensure legal work and stay in Poland. Without legal work permit a foreigner can not start your job in Poland. Please mind that process to obtain work permit takes several months, therefore earlier you start, the earlier you receive work permit.

What are the types of work permits in Poland for companies?

The most common type of work permit  for a foreigner is ‘Declaration to employ  a foreigner’.

This type of work permit can be described as a simplified procedure for obtaining a work permit. This procedure can be used for citizens of : Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The standard procedure concerns obtaining a work permit for a type A or type B foreigner.

Type A work permits apply to all employees other than board members

Type B work permits apply to board members

How to get a work permit for a foreigner in Poland for a company? Service for companies

– this is a question asked by foreigners who intend to work in Poland, or Polish companies that need new foreign employees.

In Poland there is a constant shortage of labor force. Out of 38.4 million inhabitants, only 16.5 million is a work force. According to Eurostat, which analyze  employment between the ages of 20 and 64, the EU average was 73.1%. For Poland, is 72.2%. while for Sweden is 82.4%.

In the coming years, Polish employers will be looking for employees from abroad. Thus, the subject of work permits for foreigners in Poland is valid for many years in 2023 and onwards.

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