License for international transport (LR1)

We prepare, submit application for international transport license


Progress Holding helps to get various licenses. Step plan to obtain international transportation license LR1:
1. Your company employee should have a certificate confirming the professional competence of a carrier (certyfikat kompetencji zawodowych). Such a certificate should be held by at least one of the founders or full-time employees of the company. To obtain the certificate, it is necessary to complete a 10-day preparatory course and pass an exam for professional suitability. The exam is fee-based. If obtaining the certificate is not possible for any reason, it is permissible to hire an employee in your staff who holds such a document. It is not necessary to hire an employee for a full-time position; hiring at 1/4 or 1/8 of the minimum wage is common.
2. To possess an operational base (parking, transport area) for servicing and parking vehicles that are currently not on the road. In practice, this is resolved by signing a contract. Additionally, having access to your own fleet or a fleet of rented vehicles.
3. To confirm the reliability of the company, all employees and founders of the company must provide a certificate of no criminal record in Poland (Zaświadczenie o niekaralności KRK).
4. To confirm financial independence (zdolność finansowa), this involves a professional liability insurance policy of the carrier. It should be for an amount not less than 9000 euros for the first vehicle and not less than 5000 euros for each subsequent one. Financial security can also be provided in the form of a bank guarantee or carrier liability insurance.
5. To have a digital tachograph card (karta do tachografu) for reading travel data.
6. To obtain a permit for local transport services (Licensja Krajowa) — a permit for transportation within the country. It is issued indefinitely. The cost is from 1000 PLN.
7. After preparing a complete set of documents along with the application for an international license, you need to contact the Main Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD), where the final decision on granting the license to the company will be made.
8. How long does it take to obtain a transport license? The decision will be made within a month after the inspector receives the document package; sometimes this period can extend to 2 months.
9. How much does a transport license for freight transport cost? The cost of an international transport license for freight transport depends on the validity period of the license:
a) for 5 years: 4,000 PLN (government fee) + 440 PLN for a license extract, which must be in each vehicle
b) for 10 years: 8,000 PLN (government fee) + 880 PLN for a license extract
The cost of a license for domestic activities is 1000 PLN (government fee) + 100 PLN for a license extract. It is issued indefinitely.